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Head'n to the Butte


Custom painted with oils $3936

Last One!

Edition of 50


Growing up in the west, I learned an appreciation of the rugged and scienic landscapes. Monument valley, which is depicted in this piece is one of those places that engender visions of alien worlds and abound with stories of times and peoples which are ever wispered on the winds. Crossing these lands in the comfort of an air conditioned car on a paved highway, cannot reveal the hidden depths of these deeply spiritual places. The slow plod of a horse through the fragrant spring sagebrush, with the sun on your back. the rocking motion of the landscape as it gradually shifts, and the whisper of the tireless wind as it sings the stories of ages gone. This is experience most memorable.


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Crossing the Madison


Edition of 12 Bronze and 12 Hydro-stone

Bison roamed the plains and forests of North America by the millions until the late 1800's. Crossing rivers like the Madison in southwest Montana in search of better forage. The Cows lead the herd and mature bulls follow during the rut. This wise old cow in the center crosses first because of her experience. Her calf who may have only been born a week or two ago struggles through the swollen spring runoff trying desperately to follow his mothers lead.  The water and bison cross over the boundaries of the frame between their existence and ours giving us a sensation that we might just step in to another time where these majestic creatures ruled their domain.


Hydrostone Plaster $950

With Bronze Finish $1950

Bronze $4950 (4 month wait)