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Logan LDS Temple Plein Air

resin on wood 20"x36"



Stories of Jesus

One of a kind


Hydro-stone with bronze finish



Jesus Christ is at the center of faith for many. Here I have placed Christ as the center piece of this composition, where the scrolls unfold to reveal in impressionistic relief, the stories of Jesus from The creation to the Latter days.



While Shepherds Watched

Edition of 50


Hydro-stone            $650

With Bronze finish    $1100

Bronze                    $4450


Faithfully watching thier flocks by night, Shepherds were the first to recieve the news of the birth of the Shepherd of all. At the time of Jesus' birth Bethlehem was a fortified Roman town set on a hill south of Jerusalem. It was defended on one side by a steep slope and flowed gently downward on the other to the olive groves. The view we see in this piece is of the road Mary and Joseph would have followed south from Jerusalem to Bethlehem. Passing low stone walls, olive groves, and grassy outcrops where the sheep with their distinctively long wool and floppy ears, grazed watched over vigilantly by their guardians.

In Joseph's Care

Limited Edition of 12 in Bronze, Open Edition for resin and hydrostone



As Mary,exhausted, looks lovingly at the new born Jesus, she rests her head on the chest of her husband Joseph who is holding the holy infant. Joseph, holding his new family in his arms, however, looks to the heavens, acknowledging the true Father of this babe, and pleading inwardly for the strength to be true to this calling to which he has been Entrusted.


While Mary the Mother of the son of God, was entrusted with Jesus. Joseph her espoused husband was also entrusted with the care of both. So much so, that he also recieved an angelic visitation prior to the birth, and warnings of danger to the child from Herod afterward. How much trust God must have had in this young man, who would raise his 'only begotten' son.


I remember the weight of responsibility I felt  as each of my children were born. How much more would Joseph have felt raising the child who would one day save all mankind.


Hydro-stone          $1950

With Bronze finish  $3450

Cast Marble           $2950

Bronze                  $6450 Limited Edition of 12 only!