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   Chris is a Representational Figurative Sculptor with a Narrative style.

Chris has had a lifetime love of art. He has been drawing since he could hold a pencil, pen, marker or anything else that would make marks on the fridge, floor or wall. A common sight at the dinner table was Chris sculpting his mashed potatoes into fanciful forms. At the age of 12 he attended the ceramics class at the local boys club in Garden Grove, California, where instead of painting the premade ceramic figures he used the clay to create his own. It was at this age that he made his first art sale--a sculpted figurine of a mother and baby unicorn which he sold for $20 to his art instructor who gave it as a Christmas present for a relative.
    Chris again picked up sculpture when in a transfer between high schools halfway through the semester he ended up needing to take an extra class for which he would not receive credit. So again he took ceramics and again instead of making bowls and pots he sculpted the ceramic clay into figures. From that point on Chris went on to win first place in the school art competitions each year. His senior year he helped teach the newly created sculpture class.
Attending Snow College in Ephriam, Utah, Chris took his first drawing classes, and his first sculpture instruction came from an assistant professor Brad Taggart. That year Chris took first place in the school art competition for his sculpture in steel entitled "Hummingbird."
    Chris spent the next two years abroad in Okinawa, Japan, where he learned Japanese and a fondness for anime and sushi.
Following in the footsteps of his mentor Brad Taggart, Chris attended Utah State University and studied under Janet Shapiro. In a competition at USU one of his sculptures received acclaim in which a faculty member commented: "I have been here for 32 years and this is the best piece I have yet seen." He graduated with a bachelors degree in visual and performance arts from Utah State University in 2002.
    After marriage in December, 2002, Chris worked for a dental lab in Salt Lake sculpting crowns and bridges and learning metal casting techniques.
    Chris could only sculpt teeth for so long and after leaving the dental lab he spent a year and sculpted miniature scenery and terrain which he sold on eBay to tabletop wargamers.
Through his father-in-law's construction interests Chris came into contact with Duane Gardner of Gardner's concrete and learned to use the medium of concrete and sculpting decorative concrete for water features, landscaping and sculptural effects.
Chris began the company "Creative Splash Inc." and worked on many high-end residential and commercial projects where he was able to create and express himself artistically in concrete. With Creative Splash Chris also delved into illustration and graphic arts creating book covers, logos and illustrations for commercial and private ventures.
     In 2008, at the beginning of the economic downturn and with his third child on the way, Chris decided to play it safe and went to work for the state of Utah at the Department of Workforce Services where he spent the next four years. It only took a short time before his wife Mary began encouraging him to quit working for the State and become self-employed again. Chris bided his time and waited for the opportune moment.
     In 2011, Chris had a chance encounter with painter Trent Gudmundsen and being kindred spirits they were immediately friends. Encouraged by Trent's success as a professional artist, Chris--who had never before thought he could make a living with fine art--began to have a paradigm shift. While hanging out in Trent's studio and discussing the paintings that Trent was working on, Trent commented, "Chris, you have a good eye for this, you ought to try oil painting." A month later in May--after buying some of Trent's old brushes and paints--Chris painted his first portrait of himself and his wife. Seeing the quality of the work, even knowing that Chris had never painted before, Trent told him that he could have a future in painting.
Realizing that a career in art was possible Chris put in his notice at work and became a full-time artist in July of 2012.
    Chris enjoys the diverse challenges that both painting and sculpture offer.

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